5 Tips To Help Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign

It is proven that an email marketing campaign can help grow a business and offer better results than search engines and social media networks, but to get it to work, you have to take care of every detail.
There are campaigns that only produce an opening result of 0.5% which is not successful at all. Here are some tips to help you set up your email structure to optimize it for potential clients:

Five keys to a successful Email Marketing Campaign

Experience backed by various studies, indicate that these tips contributes to a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. Maximum 50 characters : The emails that are longer, matter less.
  2. Do not shout : Do not use more capitals than necessary.
  3. No exclamation : Use exclamation points, question marks and others with caution.
  4. Description : Your chances to get your email opened increases when the matter is “Bulletin” by the name of your company or “Latest deals for you” or  “last chance” , because most people open messages known to offer.
  5. Free does not always work : “Free” is not a magic word that tempts everyone to open an email and in return it does not guarantees results. It works well for restaurants and businesses dedicated to beauty and personal care, but not as well in e-commerce. It also doesn’t work in retail, financial services and travel.

Hope this helps you in your future email marketing endeavors.


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