5 Reasons Not To Make Your Own Website

Reasons Not To Make Your Own Website

More and more entrepreneurs are trying to build their own websites without any professional help, but few manage to do a good job at it. These are some of the reasons why NOT to build your own site:

  1. A team is better: When you hire a company to do a website, they have a team of people working to get you the best possible results. There is a graphic designer that will brand your company and create a look-and-feel that expresses your business views in a visual way. A front-end developer that will take the designs and actually program it to look like the design. Back-end developer that will make the contact forms work and set up the platform for the front-end developer to work in. Many companies offer SEO and social media and each of these will be a responsibility for an individual employee. If you do not have content (writing and media), there will also be someone that can write about your company in the team.
  2. Nobody is a specialist in everything: Design, programming, writing, editing, marketing, SEO … Think for a moment. Can you become a goalkeeper, defense, midfield and forward and do everything right? The answer is no, each team member is qualified to their specific task.
  3. Perspective: It is very difficult to deal with the smaller details and keep an overview of the whole. Companies have project managers that keep everyone up to date and in the loop with where the project is heading or should be heading. If anyone is behind with a task or did something that was not according to a brief, the project manager steps in.
  4. Who takes care of business?: A team of experienced specialists take their time, working full-time to create a beautiful, successful website. If you are not a web designer there will come a time when you will need to leave the business to build your website or leave your website to build your business. And that’s a bad deal, for your business, website and mental health!
  5. Rest:  If you intend to run your business while creating your corporate website or worse, your online store without aid, you will not have a moment to breathe. And you end up paying with your health, your family and your business.

If you are planning on starting your business you can send us an email and we will give you a beautiful website. Hope to hear from you soon.


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