10 Reasons why you need a website


If the title of this article caught your attention it’s because you’ve probably asked yourself “How do I grow my business?”

1. Are You Open 24/7?
A website allows your business to be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many people surf the web at night time to either keep themselves busy or to maybe find something they want. Your website should showcase your products and invite potential clients to your store.

2. Your Competition
This is a growing industry and competition will soon be fierce. The sooner you get your name out there, the better.

3. Passive Income Opportunity
With a website, you can create an online store where your customers can place orders and pay for them. This happens without you actually taking part in the whole process.

4. Improved Customer Service
A website makes it possible to instantly provide information such as business hours, products and contact information. You are easily accessible to the public.

Many businesses also have a FAQ section where they can get answers for general questions.

5. A website is a great opportunity to advertise your services and products.
Other types of advertising is a bit more pricey, especially if your audience is very specific. With a website, you can make promoting your product/service at a much lower cost.

6. Enhance your personal Businesses
A website shows internet users that you aren’t just some corner store, but a serious business contender. A website can enhance the look and feel of your business and showcase the best of it.

7. People GoogleMap Businesses
Sooner or later, someone will try to find a business closest to their home or area they are traveling in. You want your business to show up. People will often Google a place they find on Google Maps to see what products the business offers and make a choice based on the website alone.

8. Affordable and Adaptable Sales
When you compare the price of a website to traditional marketing such as newspapers, mailing and magazine ads, the cost of creating and maintaining a website is more modest.

One of the best features of a website is that you can change information in seconds rather than waiting a month for that magazine to come out and seeing that you made a spelling error.

9. Open Your Doors To Millions
There are no borders on the internet, so you can literally open your doors to the world.

10. Reach Your Target Market Easily
If you do not want to sell online, you could always opt for a blog and get people communicating on your website, which will boost your rating with communities around the globe. Blogs also improve your chances of reaching your target market with the type of content you add to it.


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